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Kopari Astrological Chart

Kopari Astrological Chart

We can’t predict your future, but we do know that you’ll love trying all of our incredible organic coconut beauty products. Find the product that’s perfectly compatible with your disposition, or use the featured suggestion as a jumping off point. It’s astrology babe, reach for the stars!

Aries: You’re a trendsetter who somehow always looks amazing. A quick spritz of Coconut Rose Toner keeps glamour girls like you hydrated and refreshed. 

Taurus: They call you a creature of habit, but we know you’re a routine machine! No good beauty routine is complete without Coconut Crush Scrub so get ready to go coconuts for your new favorite!

Gemini: What else for the twins but our Coco Deo Duo! Adaptable and outgoing, this award winning Deo will keep you cool and collected in every situation. You’ll be twinning all day long without even breaking a sweat.
Cancer: Cancers often use their beauty as their greatest weapon, and their first line of defense. Our Sundaze Mineral Face Sunscreen is the perfect way for all you beautiful Cancers to protect your greatest asset.

Leo: Everybody loves a Leo. Take that natural beauty to the next level and grab some Coconut Lip Glossy. Turn up the heat on ‘em miss fire sign, cause you’re lookin’ hot!

Virgo: You’re a natural healer who loves to renew and reinvigorate. For virgos everywhere our Starry Eye Balm will reawaken those eyes and help you see the world for what it can be!

Libra:  Hey Lady Libra, our Bodycare Dream Team is all about harmony. Exfoliating Coconut Crush Scrub and rejuvenating Coconut Body Milk are a pair as balanced as you are.

Scorpio: Scorpios are sexy! These ladies love to keep their beauty tips secret but we can’t keep this to ourselves...our Coconut Body Glow is sure to add some razzle to your dazzle so go ahead and glow up girl!

Sagittarius: An Innovator and an explorer, you are always on top of what’s hot! Speaking of being hot and on top, have you tried our new Love Melt

Capricorn: Resourceful and dedicated, you’re all about products that can do more.  Good thing our Sudsy Shower Oil is a 2 in 1 cleanser that cleans AND hydrates skin...not to mention it’s sulfate free.

Aquarius: It’s no secret that these ladies love to love. Pucker up buttercup - get those lips buffed, shined, and ready for some smoochin’ with the help of our Coconut Lip Scrubby.

Pisces: These mystic mermaids draw their beauty and grace from the water. Stay true to your essence and keep that hydrated beauty intact with our Organic Coconut Balm
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