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Our Guide to Awesome Gifts Beyond Kopari

Our Guide to Awesome Gifts Beyond Kopari

Generally, when we buy a gift, we have someone in mind before we purchase it. But occasionally we find something that’s just too good to pass up. So we snag it and squirrel it away until the appropriate recipient comes to mind. And hey, so what if that recipient turns out to be our own self?

This is THAT kind of gift guide. We’re talking about the kind of stuff we’re stoked on even though we don’t have a specific giftee in mind—yet. In fact, odds are that we all have a nearest and dearest who’ll be thrilled to get one of these items, because the brands who make them are innovative, driven by quality, and show a penchant for cool design.  

Here are some folks who could benefit from our too-good-to-pass-up picks.  

The Nonstop Jet-Setter

If the seasoned traveler’s closet is their suitcase, then consider The Carry-On case from Away. This is a serious makeover for said traveler’s closet. It’s unbreakable, which is an important factor when checking bags. It comes with a built-in phone battery for plugging in and juicing up, so no more hunting down outlets in airports or adapters on other continents. And it includes a compression laundry bag to keep tomorrow’s outfit and yesterday’s unmentionables nicely separated.

The Gadget Girl

For that klutzy friend who keeps dropping her phone and either replacing it or living with a cracked-out screen, we present the coconut iPhone cover by Sonix. It’s tough as nails and shock-absorbent with full screen and camera protection. And hey, look at that cool print! (Ok, maybe we’re a little partial to coconuts, but who wouldn’t love to spend her day typing and swiping on a coconut-covered device?)

The Happy Homebody

Because it’s impossible to resist the cozy vibes at your favorite homebody’s house, why not add to the warmth with a Homesick Candle in the zesty SoCal scent? A mix of bright citrus and fresh sea air, this wafting wick might even be able to coax your hibernating friend out for a day at the beach. Or at least a mimosa brunch.

The Sensual Sleeper

Know anyone who dropped half a paycheck on her premium, softer-than-butter bedding? It’s because she knows she spends a third of her life in bed and understands the ROI. Unless she slumbers in the nude, she needs some primo jammies to match her luxury linens. LUNYA’s bestselling bedtime duo is made of thermo-regulating silk, is thoroughly washable, and comes in six cool colors.

The Beauty Guru

Of course, what gift guide would be complete without a few of our favorite Kopari products? Although anything coconut will rock a beauty buff’s stocking, we specifically bundled our bestsellers—from deo to lip gloss— in one travel-size Beauty Besties box so you can grab, go, and give as you like.

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