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Psst! Your Body Needs a Skincare Routine, Too

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We ladies perform a lot of daily rituals for the goodness of our bods. We work out. We wash, tone and moisturize our faces. We even take vitamins and floss when we remember to. We know routine maintenance keeps the body looking good. Yet aside from soaping up in the shower (more on that in a moment), we often neglect our entire neck-to-toe surface area. The predictable results are dull, scaly skin, ingrown hairs, keratosis pilaris (those little red chicken bumps), craggy elbows and knees, cracked hands and feet, and plenty other unsightly signs of MIA body care.

Hey, these bodies are irreplaceable temples and they need love!

Got five minutes a day? Cool. Then let’s talk about Kopari’s 3-step bodycare system. It’s simple yet effective, delivers maximum skin-conditioning benefits with minimal bathroom-shelf real estate, and keeps your summer skin smooth.

coconut shower oil
Step 1. Coconut Shower Oil. An oil-based body wash that suds up the moment it hits water, our new shower oil gently cleans all your parts from the neck down. Its sweet-scented, sulfate-free lather loosens and sweeps away dirt and old skin, while coconut oil, hibiscus seed oil, passionfruit seed oil, avocado oil and plant-derived squalane hydrate your skin on contact. So your skin feels clean and refreshed, but not stripped of its natural oils. (Those natural oils keep your skin’s moisture barrier healthy and resilient to irritants, which is why it’s so important to steer clear of harsh, sulfate-based soaps.) Simply massage a small amount onto wet skin, work up a lather, then rinse. Prepare to float out of the shower smelling of yummy coconut milk.

coconut crush scrub

Step 2. Coconut Crush Scrub. Our delish-smelling scrub uses ground-up coconut shell and brown sugar to naturally polish away luster-blocking dirt and dead skin cells. Aim to exfoliate 1-2 times a week to keep skin at its freshest and cell turnover at its peak. Not only will buffing off that flaky top layer instantly reveal smoother skin, smaller pores and lighter age spots, but your shave will be closer and your tan (sunless or au naturale) will have a chance to sink in deeper. For serious situations like keratosis pilaris or scaly joints, dry-scrub before you enter the shower. Just like dry brushing, this technique will help sweep away the grime, increase circulation and boost lymphatic flow—all while deeply moisturizing the outermost part of your epidermis.

coconut body milk

Step 3. Coconut Body Milk. After toweling off, always lock in an extra layer of moisture to keep skin supple, resilient and radiant. Our creamy, quick-absorb body lotion does all that and then some. Organic coconut oil and caprylic/capric triglyceride fatty acids penetrate deep into skin for all-day hydration, while antioxidant tocopherol (vitamin E) protects against free-radical damage. Plus, Kopari’s Coconut Body Milk soaks in fast without leaving a sticky film—because, while you want a powerful moisturizer, you don’t want to wear a grease slick.

coconut body oil

Looking for a mighty moisturizer on the run? Our Coconut Body Oil applies as a quick-absorbing, lightweight mist rather than a lotion, making it ideal after a gym shower or beach swim. At home, mix it in your hands with Coconut Body Milk for a moisturizing motherlode of lipids and antioxidants. The two heady fragrances (sweet coconut milk and coconut gardenia) blend beautifully for an olfactory insta-vacation.  


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