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Winterize Your Lips This Way and Never Look Back

Winterize Your Lips This Way and Never Look Back

Come winter, chapped lips can and will happen to the best of us. A recent report estimates that half the population suffers from some form of dry, cracked or peeling lippage during cooler months. The exposure to the elements, especially cold air, depletes the skin’s natural moisture reserve, and because lip skin is so taught, it can lead to splitting and even bleeding. Not fun for wearing lipstick, kissing boos, or drinking New Year’s Day mimosas.

Kiss me under the mistletoe

To avoid such scenarios, you’re going to need more pow for that pout than a simple drugstore lip balm. Our Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe Kit packs a one-two punch with a full-size Coconut Lip Scrubby and full-size Coconut Lip Glossy in Clear.

lip scrubby

Formulated with fine volcanic ash, brown sugar, pure coconut oil and shea butter, our Lip Scrubby very gently buffs away dead, flaky skin to smooth the area in preparation for hydration. For optimal results, aim to use the lip scrub every other night—your skin heals better during sleep.

lip glossy

Our non-stick Lip Glossy—packing the power of shea butter, coconut oil, and tocopheral (vitamin E)—penetrates deep into skin with loads of ultra-hydrating lipids. Apply it whenever you have the urge, but at least twice a day and once at bedtime (the yummy flavors of coconut and vanilla will likely keep you swiping more often than that, which is totally ok).

Need a little color for a New Year’s party or Valentine’s date? Amp things up with one of our four sheer Lip Glossy shades. This time of year we’re especially partial to bright pink Pinkini or burgundy Sangria. They’re subtle but definitely festive.  

lip colors + scrubby

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