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We’re Not Faking It. 100% Natural Ingredients.

We’re Not Faking It. 100% Natural Ingredients.

Here at Kopari, we preach the importance of clean for all your self care essentials. That’s why we are taking over your entire personal routine to create self-care for your everywhere. Introducing Kopari’s NEW Love Melt, a personal lubricant & massage oil that is made to melt anywhere on your body so you can turn foreplay into more play. Like all of our products, Love Melt is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, sulfate, phthalate, and paraben free. We believe making love is natural and your lube should be, too, that's why we’ve formulated this product to be 100% clean using the calming, antibacterial, + hydrating natural ingredients listed below!

Organic Coconut Oil

As most of you already know, coconut is our main squeeze. Kopari sources our coconuts from a family-run coconut farm in the Philippines. We use only the highest quality coconuts - cut, processed & made to perfection! This ingredient is key to Love Melt’s comfortable slide and glide. Coconut oil is not only hydrating, but it works as a natural antibacterial and antimicrobial powerhouse for your most sensitive areas!


Bisabolol is an ingredient derived from Chamomile. It is an anti-irritant commonly used in essential oils for its calming properties. What makes Love Melt different than your drug store lube? Love Melt is completely fragrance-free and vegan. Many oil-based lubricants use beeswax, (not vegan!) and we aren’t into that.

Aloe Vera

Aloe is an ultra soothing key ingredient found in Love Melt. Not only will Aloe leave you feeling smooth, refreshed, and hydrated, it also has cooling properties that ensure it’ll be love at first melt.

Natural Vanilla Flavor

Make love delicious with our natural coconut vanilla flavor. It brings an extra sweet taste of vanilla cupcake deliciousness that will have you reaching for Love Melt whenever you’re getting your coconuts on!

So start your coconut love affair with Kopari and shop our newest Love Melt!

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