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      The Salty
      Kopari Blog Post Featured Image

      Coconut Melt- The Multitasker You Didn't Know You Needed

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      It’s no secret: we’re seriously obsessed with coconuts. So, you may have heard of our famous Coconut Melt, the mother of all multitaskers. If not, allow us to introduce you to a product that could truly change your life.

      First things first- this product is not your kitchen coconut oil. All of our coconuts are sustainably sourced from small family farms in the Philippine Islands. In fact, our coconut oil is entirely silicone, paraben, and phthalate-free, making it the optimal coconut oil for all things beauty. We are passionate about clean beauty, and keeping our products the highest quality. 

      Kopari’s coconut oil is produced differently to prevent compromising its chemical composition. We do this by ensuring all oil is processed in stainless steel facilities so it never interacts with metals. Cold pressing our coconut oil locks in its essential vitamins, nutrients, and fatty acids. We then ship it out as fast as possible so the oil in your Melt jar is fresh, pure, and ready to go. 

      So that sounds like a lot of facts. But the bottom line is we nurture our coconuts every step of the way to ensure you receive the most high-end product. This is no “grocery grade” oil and will become a staple in your beauty regimen! 

      Now that you’re caught up let’s discuss all things Melt. Whether you’re new to the coconut beauty game, or simply just don’t know what to do with that Melt of yours, here’s 5 ways, in a day, that we multitask with Coconut Melt. 

      Ways To Melt with Viviane Audi 


      We’ve all been there. You forget to shave your legs in your shower in the morning. Rather than jumping in the shower again or taking a razor to the dry leg (hello razor bumps!), try using your Coconut Melt. Just apply some on your legs and shave away. Your legs will be soft, smooth, and hydrated. Plus, who needs those synthetic shaving creams and gels anyway? 

      Makeup Remover

      There’s no better feeling than taking off your makeup after a long day. But a lot of makeup wipes are harsh on the skin, and they’re not always mother-earth friendly. If you’re looking to try a new method, swab a little Coconut Melt onto a cotton ball and gently wipe away any makeup from the day. Pro tip from us: follow up with our Tropical Glow Cleanser to make sure you really clean those pores!

      Body Moisturizer

      After you shower and wash out your hair, let’s give your skin some Coconut Melt love too. Slather your bod from head to toe with Melt for ultimate hydration. We suggest applying to damp skin to really lock in moisture. Your skin will feel dreamy and smell just like that beach vacay we all wish we could take right now. 

      Hair Mask

      Now that your under eyes are feeling refreshed, you notice that your hair is looking a little dried out—must be all that time out in the sun. We have the solution to bring some life back into your locks. Coat dry, unwashed hair with Coconut Melt from root to tip. Then throw it up in a bun for 40 minutes (or sleep on it overnight). Afterward, shampoo twice and enjoy your hydrated and silky smooth hair.

      Lip Treatment

      Kiss dry and chapped lips goodbye! Take some Melt on your finger and apply to your lips to moisturize. Coconut oil is perfect for sensitive skin and will provide all the nutrients you’ll need to revive those lovely lips. 

      If that isn’t enough to convince you, here’s some bonus ways we like to use Melt:

      Under Eyes

      So let’s visualize it. You wake up and trudge to the bathroom to brush your teeth and wash your face. As you look in the mirror, you notice those dark under eyes that remind you that maybe you could use a little more sleep. Well... here’s another use for the Coconut Melt on your shelf. Lightly dab a bit of Melt to those under eyes and ditch the appearance of dark circles. Coconut oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that will lessen those dark appearances. It also moisturizes the sensitive area to prevent wrinkles and fine lines.  

      Bath Boost

      Scoop out a generous glob of Coconut Melt and drop it into a relaxing, hot bath. This immediately levels up your bathtime experience and takes it from basic to a tropical dream. Afterwards, you’ll smell and feel amazing. 

      Baby Bump

      For those mothers-to-be out there, Coconut Melt is the perfect solution to relieve itching on your baby bump and ward off stretch marks. Rub Coconut Melt all over that beautiful pregnant belly, feel the relief, and kick up your feet.

      Like we said, we’re obsessed with coconut. Now that you’ve seen all the ways our Coconut Melt can benefit your life, you should be too. How do you Melt? Let us know your fave coco-crazy innovations!


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