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All The Ways I Use Coconut Melt in a Day

All The Ways I Use Coconut Melt in a Day

Is there anything our Coconut Melt can’t do?! It’s the OG. The mother of all multi-taskers. The do-it-all product that can fix, treat, soothe, soften, hydrate, prep, and solve just about any beauty problem. Who knew a jar of 100% organic coconut oil could do so much!

This special product is sustainably sourced from small family farms on the Philippine Islands, specifically for beauty use. Because it’s made in a beauty lab, it never interacts with harmful or harsh metals that could compromise its chemical composition. From the moment your Coconut Melt comes to be, it’s pure, powerful, and packed with tons of beauty-boosting benefits!

Want to see just how much this beauty bombshell can do? Here’s the day in the life of our Coconut Melt:


  • Rise & shine! After rinsing off in the shower, use the Coconut Melt as an all over body moisturizer. It’s fast-absorbing and will hydrate your bod from head-to-toe.
  • Sometimes shaving in the shower is just too much to ask! Apply our Coconut Melt to your legs and use it as a dry shave oil. It moisturizes your skin while you use the razor, so it won’t leave your stems dry or itchy. Bring on the sundresses.
dry shave oil with the Coconut Melt

  • Show your lashes some love! Use a cotton swab to coat your lashes with the Coconut Melt. It’s a great way to keep them conditioned, especially if you love a dramatic coat of mascara and liner.
  • While you’re prepping your skin for the day, dab a tiny amount the Coconut Melt under your eyes to banish those dark circles and hydrate sensitive skin. Only use a tiny amount -- a little goes a long way!
  • Calling all moms and soon-to-be mamas. Use our Coconut Melt as a daily belly balm. It relieves itchiness and helps ward off stretch marks. It’s also a perfect baby butter, a gentle moisturizer for sweet baby massages.

belly rub


  • After a long day, unwind with a glass of wine and a nice hot bath. Add a scoop of the Coconut Melt to the tub and soak in all the beauty benefits. You’ll step out with noticeably smoother, softer skin. Be careful, it will be quite slippery.

bathtub booster

  • If you didn’t wash your hair in the bath, you can give it some love and use the Coconut Melt as a hair mask. Coat your unwashed, dry hair with the Coconut Melt and let it work its magic for 40 minutes (or sleep on it overnight!). It penetrates your strands and will leave them hydrated, healthy and happy.
  • Once your hair soaking in the Melt and twirled up in a bun, use the Coconut Melt as a makeup remover. Add a little bit to a cotton round and watch your mascara, eyeshadow and eyeliner melt away. Use another to wipe off stubborn lipsticks (like your favorite red velvety matte!) and enjoy the hydrating benefits it has to offer.

makeup remover


  • Once your Coconut Melt is all gone, rinse out the excess oil and use the jar in other cute ways! It’s the perfect size planter for a succulent (a little DIY challenge!) or it can be used to store your pretty makeup brushes or lip glosses.

DIY plant holder

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