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Yes, you really do need a toner!

Yes, you really do need a toner!

A toner is the saving grace step your skincare routine is missing. Whether your skin is oily, dry, or a combination of the two, this added boost of hydration (+ a zillion other benefits) will do your complexion good. You know we love products with multi-tasking abilities, so it should come as no surprise that our  Coconut Rose Toner is sitting pretty at the top of our must-have skincare list.

It Hydrates…

Think about it: the water you ingest only makes its way to your skin after it’s hydrated all your organs, so you really need the topical hydration just as much as the water you’re consuming every day. Just like a glass of water is good for the body, a spritz of toner is good for the skin. And since we know it’s easier said than done to get in your 8+ glasses of water, we made it easier and formulated our toner with coconut extract.

Coconut extract is:

  • Ultra hydrating
  • Super absorbent
  • Locks in moisture 

So whether your skin is feeling dry from winter’s cold, windy weather or if you’ve spent one too many hours under the sun, our Coconut Rose Toner has your back.

Coconut Rose Toner

It Refreshes…

A midday spritz works kind of like an afternoon cup of joe; it refreshes your skin, moisturizes your makeup, and its cooling mist perks you right up. Pro tip: keep your toner at your desk for maximum refreshing (and midday slump beating) benefits!

It Calms…

Aside from its gorgeous floral scent, rose extract has some serious skincare benefits. It’s a natural antiseptic, so it helps keep skin bad bacteria free and its anti-inflammatory properties help keep redness and irritation at bay. Whenever your skin is acting up, a gentle spray or two will help alleviate tension, dryness, and irritation.

It Dew-ifies…

We love powder as much as the next girl, but sometimes that flakey, dry finish doesn't sit well with our skin. After finishing your glam-sesh, use the toner as a setting spray for an instantly dewy look. Seriously, it’s benefits are never ending:

  • it sets makeup so it won’t run throughout the day
  • gives a gorgeous dewy finish
  • locks in moisture 
  • keeps makeup/skin fresh all day long

Plus it’ll keep your skin from overproducing oil to combat the excess dryness…what’s that saying about killing two birds with one stone?

Here is the cold hard truth, if you're not using a toner, your skin's PH is likely way out of wackIt Purifies…

When choosing a toner, ALWAYS look for one that’s witch hazel based. The majority of traditional toners are alcohol based. You know how dehydrated you get after one too many cocktails?….Yeah, the same exact thing can happen to your skin! Witch hazel is a natural, safer astringent and an excellent alternative to drying alcohol.

  • Kills bacteria trapped in pores 
  • Doesn’t damage skin’s protective acid mantle 
  • Doesn’t dry out skin (like an alcohol-based toner might do)
  • Jam-packed with antioxidants goodness 

It Balances… 

Here’s the cold, hard truth: if you’re not using a toner, your skins pH balance is likely WAY out of whack. Soaps, harsh cleansers, and sulfate-based products can strip skin of the good oils it needs, throwing off your skin healthiest balance (aka. its pH level). This leads to breakouts, irritation, flakiness, and just about everything else you don’t want for your skin. Just one quick spritz will rebalance skin, restore moisture, and take you to skincare heaven. Pinky swear.

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