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Co-Founder Gigi's Q&A: Summer Break Travel Essentials

Co-Founder Gigi's Q&A: Summer Break Travel Essentials

There’s nothing as sweet as a vacay at the start of summer! The first taste of sunny beach days, pineapple umbrella drinks, and worry-free living. Our co-founder Gigi loves her summer vacations. As a working momma, she uses the time to decompress from the day-to-day and soak up the rays with her kiddos! She’s a seasoned vet when it comes to packing for a warm-weather escape, so we had to ask about her perfect travel essentials. Here’s what Gigi just can’t hop on the plane without:

First things first, what products are in your carry-on bag at all times?

I am all about hydration because flying can completely dry out my skin. My Kopari fav for the plane is our rose toner, which hydrates and calms my skin. I literally spritz it throughout my whole plane ride. I also love Flashpatch Rejuvenating Eye Gels and Laneige's Lip Sleeping Mask. Even though this is technically a sleeping mask, it’s great for plane rides. If I am not on vacation, I often have to go straight to a meeting or dinner so I try to keep Ouai's anti-frizz sheets to help calm any of the frizzes. Finally, I am also loving our friend Marianna Hewitt’s new Jet Lag mask. I don’t necessarily use it on the plane, but such a great way to rehydrate before or after. Beyond a solid beauty routine, drinking a ton of water is also essential.

What about for the rest of the family’s needs? Any Mom packing tips you’ve acquired over the years?

Oh! During the baby years, packing was brutal. I literally had to bring everything, but now that my kids are in their teens and my baby is 9 it has gotten a lot easier. For plane rides, all they need are snacks, an electronic device (sadly) and headphones. I also bring wipes so we can keep our hands clean. As for the trip, my teenage boys could wear the same outfit for 10 days. I do ask they wear a collared shirt to dinner. Otherwise, they are on their own. And don't even try to tell my daughter what to pack. She has a mind of her own. She brings her entire closet and changes 20 times a day. Got to love all of the different personalities:)

If you and the family are spending a lot of time outside, what’s your go-to SPF for yourself and your kiddos?

Ask my kids, I am a sunscreen fanatic. It drives them crazy. For the face, I love Drunk Elephant’s, Umbra Tinte Physical Daily Defense (SPF 30) and for the body I love Supergoop’s Play (SPF 50). I always mix in Kopari's Body Glow because it gives me that subtle shimmer in the sun and its very slimming (who doesn't want that?:). My kiddos also like Coola's sunscreen spray Pina Colada SPF 30.

After a few hours under the sun and a couple poolside cocktails, your skin (and bod!) are probably parched. How do you restore hydration after a long day of play?

The melt is my go too for head-to-toe hydration. Feels so nourishing and hydrating. And gives you a beautiful glow. The melt is definitely my product BFF in all life scenarios :)

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