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Our Makeup Muse, Hayley Kassel

Our Makeup Muse, Hayley Kassel

Tell us a little bit about who you are, how long you have been doing makeup for, etc.

     My name is Hayley Kassel, and I am a Professional Makeup Artist.  I'm originally from Chicago but moved on down to Los Angeles about two and half years ago.  I've been doing makeup professionally for the last 3 years.

We obsess over your go-to signature look, it fits our 'au naturel' personality so well! Can you please describe it to our readers?

    My FAVORITE look is fresh, glory, more on the natural side.  Dewy healthy skin is always in, and I really love to emphasize what the model/client already has (freckles, moles, bushy brows, etc)

We love following you on Instagram and seeing the beautiful new looks you have been creating. Any signature look you played around with this past holiday season?

    One look I DEFINITELY loved creating consisted of deep jewel-toned eyes, with some sparkle or metallic. All about the color though.  Paired with dewy fresh skin.  It's a bit different from the usual holiday look of a red lip and toned down eyes.

     Also, of course, a really nice bold lip is ALWAYS in for the holidays. You can even play with it by adding sparkle or making a two-toned lip.

What are your top 5 products you can not live without this season?

  1. MOISTURIZZEERRRR  -  keep skin from getting that horrible cold dryness from chillier weather
  2. Mascara - just completely makes a look
  3. Lip Balm!! - Kopari Lip Love to be exact, just like the skin, keep those lips nourished!
  4. A Creamy Highlighter - just makes your skin look so fresh
  5. Body Scrub! - keep your skin exfoliated and nourished

How do you prep your skin before creating your makeup looks?

    Me personally? I use Origins Plantscription Serum, then usually moisturizer, and maybe an eye serum as well if I'm in need of one that day :) Sometimes I'll add some face oil into my moisturizer if my skin is in need of more hydration.  

What advice would you give an aspiring makeup artist? Is there anything you wish you knew when you first started?

    Just to know it, this industry takes time and persistence. Don't quickly go judging yourself against other artists, really really try to just focus on you, and hone in on what you would like to do. What is your niche going to be? And go for it :)

Hayley, you have been an avid user of our products since one of our first shoots with you last year! Tell us what it is you love about Kopari.

    Oh man, what's not to love? Seriously! It's all so nourishing and beneficial. The Lip Love is one of my absolute favorites and many times when I bring it to a shoot, the models ask what I'm using because they absolutely love it too! The Coconut Face Cream is so gentle and moisturizing. The Coconut Body Glow is absolutely perfect for outside shoots, glowing up the skin. Just, everything works. And it's not only used in my kit, I'm a crazy user as well. 

Make sure to keep up with Hayley Kassel and her upcoming makeup trends on her Instagram here


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