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Our Esthetician's Expert Advice

Our Esthetician's Expert Advice

    Hi Kopari babes, my name is Dana Murray! I have been a Licensed Esthetician since 2004 and have spent the majority of my career working at luxury resort spas in Las Vegas and San Diego. Since I was a kid, I have always loved all things beauty, so naturally, after high school, I went to cosmetology school. Since then, I have been a lead esthetician, makeup artist, beauty writer, and now the Director of Resort/Spa Education for Kopari Beauty.

     As a strong proponent of the use of coconut oil in skincare, I love educating my clients as to 'why' my love for coconut oil runs so deep. Ever heard of fatty acids? If there is only one thing I can leave you with, it is that fatty acids will forever be the best friend to your face. So listen up! 

What exactly are fatty acids and what do they do for the skin? 

     Fatty acids are basically "plant fats” that are essential for healthy skin cell membranes. These fatty acids protect the skin’s natural barrier layer which in turn keep moisture locked into skin. It may not sound like much but this is crucial because skin does not make fatty acids naturally, which is why it’s so important to incorporate them into your skin and body care routine! When the skin is deficient in fatty acids, skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and extremely dry skin can pop up. 

     As we move into colder weather, our skin craves coconut oil more than ever! During these winter months, the air becomes dry and forced indoor heat can weaken the skin’s natural barrier layer. This causes skin to lose moisture, becoming dry, dehydrated, itchy and even inflamed. When this happens, usually your first thought is to grab a facial or body lotion. However, many commercial brands of lotion contain a bunch of water which makes you think your skin is moisturized, but this is only temporary. As soon as the water dries, your skin becomes dry again. In contrast, since coconut oil contains extremely high amounts of fatty acids, you are truly providing your skin with deep and real moisture. Reason: fatty acids penetrate deep into the skin supporting skin cells, preventing loss of moisture and soothing any irritation associated with cold weather, redness or acne. 


     Like most people, my skin can get pretty dehydrated when the weather cools down so I like switching up my skincare routine. For cleansing, my face needs a more nourishing and protecting formula and the Coconut Cleansing Oil is just that. Since it is oil based, it gently strips the face of bad oils and impurities, replacing them with good oils your skin needs. After using the cleansing oil, my skin always feels clean, hydrated and calm. My lips also tend to get really chapped so the Lip Love is the best for hydration, plus it adds that gorgeous gloss! To protect my body from drying out and becoming ashy, I love giving myself a little cold weather Sunday spa day at home. The Coconut Crush Scrub is the best body buff that not only removes dead skin cells but polishes your skin to perfection. You can't go wrong by following up with a layer of Coconut Milk for extra protection, moisture, and skin that actually feels close to silk. 

It's safe to say coconut oil is one heck of a cure-all. Let's call it my seasonal skin secret! 
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