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The Salty

How to Choose the Best Lip Glossy Color for Your Skin Tone

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Picking out new lip gloss colors can be daunting, especially when not seeing it in person... but here is some advice from Kopari’s resident makeup artist, Jenny Fitzpatrick!

I am a firm believer that you can pull off any color with the confidence to try something new. Certain colors will flatter you a bit more depending on your coloring. Here is how I choose color for my clients and self.

Mai Tai on tan skintones

Bold red-oranges like Mai Tai look really stunning on tan skin. It’s such a fun pop of color that really shows off their golden brown skin.

Hibiskiss on mid tones

Pink-reds with a cool undertone like Hibiskiss is stunning on everyone! This is such a perfect fall lip.

Pinkini on light skin tones

Bright blue-based pinks like Pinkini is a fun pop for all and especially gorgeous on fair skin and girls with blue eyes.

No matter what you choose, wear it proud and don’t be afraid to mix colors together to create custom shades!

I am really loving Hibiskiss with Pinkini on top!

Have fun and gloss it up, girl.



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