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Why You Need an Underarm Detox

Why You Need an Underarm Detox

Imagine a world where your armpits sweat less and smelled less funky, where you wouldn’t get itchy breakouts, and where you’d never have to throw out another pit-stained white tee. This is what an armpit detox gets you. But FIRST, you have to break up with your antiperspirant. Sorry, not sorry—that stuff is icky.

Did you know that almost all antiperspirants are packed with aluminum and chemical compounds that plug your pits’ pores? This means your body can’t sweat—and release toxins—the way it was born to. It also means your sweat (because your pits still secrete a little sweat) comes with the antiperspirant’s aluminum to create a gross yellow tinge that permanently stains clothes.

Instead of a pore-clogging antiperspirant, switch to an aluminum-free deodorant like our award-winning Coconut Deodorant. It’s formulated with antimicrobial organic coconut oil, odor-reducing sage oil, and a 100% plant-based active that kills bacteria. Even the beauty editors at Allure were swept away by its pit-purifying powers—and they’re no stranger to natural deos.

Kopari Coconut Deodorant

While switching to our Coconut Deo is the first step, your pits may freak out at first. Relax, that’s normal. They’ve been congested with aluminum for so long (probably since puberty!) Bear with us, it will be over before you know it, and you and your white T-shirts will never look back.

Here are some key tips to handle the purge with aplomb:

  1. Time your detox for cooler weather. Like right now! Generally speaking, fall and winter are great seasons to break up with your antiperspirant because you’re less likely to break a sweat during normal day-to-day activities. This means you’re less tempted to reach for a pore-shrinking chemical formula.  
  2. Drink more water to flush out the toxins. It’s a detox basic: the more water you ingest, the more your kidneys process and release toxic waste. And the more toxins you release, the less odor down the line.
  3. Eat less processed food and bulk up on high-fiber veggies and fruit. When it comes to odorous toxins, you really are what you eat. So skip the high-fat fries and cheeseburgers for a moment and focus on organic fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Think cucumbers, citrus fruits, juicy peppers, leafy greens, and brown rice—foods that keep your body hydrated as they sweep your system of pernicious metals and chemicals.
  4. Exercise and hit the sauna on the regs to sweat out any lingering impurities. Ok, this is your safe space to sweat and not give a damn. You’re in the gym or at hot yoga or on a run. You’ve slathered on extra odor-slaying Coconut Deodorant for this moment. And you’re probably going to take a shower right after. So let the floodgates open—no one is going to think you’re weird.
  5. Keep your pits clean and clear with our chemical-free Coconut Your Bod Kit.  Not only is this travel-size kit everything you need, but it’s the perfect amount for a two-week detox. In addition to waxing or shaving your underarm stubble (odor-causing bacteria loves to cling to hair!), you’ll need to exfoliate the area daily. Our vanilla-scented Coconut Crush Scrub polishes off the gunk so you can lather it away with sulfate-free Coconut Shower Oil. After you’ve stepped out of the shower, slather on the quick-absorbing Coconut Body Milk to soothe and hydrate the area before you apply the Coconut Deodorant.


Remember to stay strong! Not only is there a perfect white T-shirt out there begging to be worn proudly for years, but your body deserves a chance at healthy, chemical-free perspiration.

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