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Having trouble balancing your life? Start with your skin.

Having trouble balancing your life? Start with your skin.

What if we told you that all those semesters of high school chemistry was about to pay off? What we’re talking about is the chemical balance of your skin--what it’s all about, why it’s probably off and how to naturally restore it.

Here’s your refresher: the pH scale measures the concentration of hydrogen from 1 to 14. Anything on the higher end of the scale is considered alkaline. Lower end of the scale? Acidic. So what does this have to do with your skin?

Alkaline vs. Acidic

Skin with a pH balance higher than seven is considered alkaline. Alkaline skin is usually described as drier, more brittle, more prone to breakouts and experiences more fine lines.

Most people’s ideal skin pH level for optimum protection is ever so slightly acidic at about 5.5. Skin at this pH level is often referred to as ‘plump’ or ‘glowing'.

What Causes Imbalance?

Dermatologists agree that the number one culprit of alkaline (AKA dry and wrinkled skin) is using harsh soaps to cleanse your face. It throws your skin out of whack and leads to premature signs of aging.

Other contributors include dust, sun damage, air conditioning, an unhealthy diet or hormone imbalance.

Cleanse, Balance, Hydrate

Now that you’ve had your refresher in all things pH, how can you bring balance to that pretty face of yours? Simple. Go natural. Adding natural fatty acids back into your skin is absolutely key to the process.

What magical natural product has the fatty acids it takes? That’s right….coconuts! All of Kopari’s straight-from-nature products balance your skin with naturally restorative antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids.

Our skincare system is designed specifically for the optimal levels of cleansing, balance and hydration.

  • Cleanse: To restore balance, start cleansing with our Coconut Cleansing Oil. It restores fatty acids and plumps up skin. Use morning and night to easily remove makeup and any dirt clogging impurities.
  • Balance: Unlike other toners, our Coconut Rose Toner contains no drying alcohol that leads to alkaline skin. Use after cleansing or as a midday pick me up.
  • Hydrate: Add your final layer of fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins with Coconut Face Cream. It restores balance and locks in moisture.


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