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Spring Into A New Beauty Routine

Spring Into A New Beauty Routine

Time to retire those heavy face creams and bloom into a new beauty routine. As we say goodbye to winter’s cold, dry weather and welcome the warm sunshine, we need to prep our skin for the change in weather, too! With a few steps and some standout springtime ingredients, your skin and will be ready for sunglasses and sandals in no time.

Exfoliation is Key:

Buff off the dry stuff with a nice exfoliator! Adding a face scrub or exfoliating device to your beauty routine will help brush off flakes and dryness caused by winter’s cool temperatures. Opt for products with natural exfoliants (like papaya or sea enzymes) because they will gently, but effectively remove dead skin cells and reveal a smooth, even-toned complexion. Be sure to use these products sparingly as too much exfoliation can cause skin to be irritated!

Coconut Oil Hydrates Like No Other:

After a long winter, your skin is probably looking a little dull. Using coconut oil on your face not only keeps it super soft and hydrated, but it brightens it up, too! The oil’s rich with fatty acids and vitamin E that are great for evening out skin tone and making it shine from within. Coconut oil is also considered a ‘good’ oil for your skin. When used as a beauty product, it helps dissolve ‘bad’ oils that can clog pores and cause skin to breakout. Switching to an oil-based cleanser, like our Coconut Cleansing Oilis a great way to gently remove dirts, oils, and impurities without causing skin to be dry or tight.

A Little Skin Refresh:

With more sunshine comes more responsibility! Make sure you’re keeping tabs on how much hydration your skin is getting as we move into the warmer months. Keep our Coconut Rose Toner in your purse or beach bag so you can give your complexion a refresh anytime, anywhere. It’s made with coconut extract (coconut oil’s ultra-hydrating cousin!) and rose extract (great for soothing redness and irritation) so you know your springtime skin is in good hands.

Stellar Spring Ingredient:

We’re completely coco-crazy for our Coconut Face Cream. It’s made with an oil called emulium mellifer (say what?) that’s basically a magical ingredient for seasonal beauty. This flexible climate-changing oil contains a smart emulsifier that provides protection from seasonal variations… meaning it works in both cold and warm climates! In the winter it gives you that rich, buttery moisture you crave, but in spring it acts as a lightweight moisturizer. Add it to your shelfie, stat

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