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Meet Surfer Babe Maddie Peterson

Meet Surfer Babe Maddie Peterson

     We are so excited to introduce you to one of our very first Kopari Crushes, mega babe Maddie Peterson. Not only does she have a serious love affair with the ocean, but she's also completely nuts for Kopari. Get to know her and find out how she incorporates coconuts into every aspect of her beachy lifestyle. 

What age did you start surfing and when did you realize you were good enough to go professional?
     So I was born and raised on the Jersey Shore and surfing was not something that was popular or even considered a sport. My dad was one of the few in our town that took up surfing and got me on a board when I was 4. I surfed every single summer and when I got more into it, I eventually started to surf in the winters. Right around the age of 12 is when I decided that I wanted to pursue this as a profession.
What is it that you love about surfing? Do you have a specific aspect or memory that is special to you?
     Surfing is very therapeutic for me. Some people are very relaxed in the ocean, but for me as a competitor, I go out with a fire in my belly wanting to paddle as fast as I can, or catch every single wave to release some stress
or anxiety.

Where is your favorite place to surf?
     My favorite place to surf would definitely have to be Barbados. The waves, the people, the place itself is just absolutely amazing

What do you eat before surf contests to help maintain your energy and stamina?
     I like to down 2 liters of water before my heats to stay hydrated, and I’ll have a big meal well before I have to surf. I don’t like being full before I have to compete.. Feast after a victory :)

How do you keep your hair and skin hydrated after always being in the salt water?
     One thing that is crucial for surfers to be intentional about is skin and hair care. We are constantly in the sun and ocean so it’s really easy for that mixture to damage. I like to use Kopari’s Coconut Melt as a hair mask 3 times a week to repair some breakage or dehydration. I’ll use the Oil Cleanser to take off sunscreen that I wear while I’m surfing - And follow with the toner and moisturizer for more hydration in my skin.

Besides surfing what are some other activities you do to keep your body in shape?
     Right now I’m working with a personal trainer in San Diego (Les Spellman) 3 times a week. In between that, I like to do pilates and hot yoga which help keep me flexible and lean.


How do you incorporate Kopari Beauty into your everyday routine?
     I use the 3 step cleanser, toner, and face cream every morning and night! For my body, I like to use the coconut body oil to give a nice glow all over.

What is your favorite product and why?
     My favorite product would have to be the Coconut Melt. You can use it for literally everything

What are some of your must-have beauty essentials?
     Eyelash curler, lip love (I oddly use this for a clear mascara or to push my brows in place), a nude lipstick, Coconut Rose Toner Spray.

What is your number one beach essential?
     Sunscreen or hat! Both are so important. And of course, Kopari to hydrate my salty skin. 

Make sure to follow this surfer babe on Instagram: @maddiepeterson_

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