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Coconut's Perfect Match-a!

Coconut's Perfect Match-a!

     As summer slows down and the season starts to shift, so should your beauty routine. This means as colder weather rolls in, your skin is going to need some extra TLC. It is important to be one step ahead of the climate transition so you can stave off those pesky winter woes before they surface. We all wish we could avoid the dry, flaky, and irritated skin that comes with the cold weather. Good news - now you can! *Cue Matcha Melt Mask.*

     You're well aware of the ultra hydrating and multitasking benefits of our organic Coconut Melt, but we've decided to coconut with company this time. We introduced our Melt to some Matcha and they totally hit it off. Together they created an unbelievably quick and easy DIY face mask to save face during this season. Find out for yourself! 

     If you're not familiar with matcha, here's a quick rundown on why our skin loves it so much. Matcha is an antioxidant that fights the negative effects of UV radiation and free radical pollution in the air.  There is also a compound in matcha called epigallocatechin gallate, which is highly anti-inflammatory so it’s great for rosacea, acne, sensitive or sensitized skin. Did we mention it can prevent prematurely aging? Enough said! 

Matcha Melt Face Mask Recipe:
1 tsp organic matcha powder
1 tsp of Coconut Melt

     Mix matcha and Coconut Melt into a small dish until all powder is dissolved. Evenly spread a layer of the mixture across entire face and leave on for 10-15 minutes. Wash face with warm water and enjoy your antioxidant rich, soft and soothed skin. We recommend using this mask once a week. 
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