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Beauty For The Busy

Beauty For The Busy

     As summer slows down, our schedules tend to pick up. No matter how busy you are, we believe your beauty routine should never be compromised. Lucky for you - our friends from Anthropologie offer some of the most coveted beauty must-haves for those on the go. Read below to find our favorite finds: 

     Spritz yourself pretty whether you're in a fresh, floral, or spice kinda of mood. Inspired by acclaimed artists from Istanbul, Sydney, Los Angeles, London, and Paris these pretty perfumes are perfect for your purse when you're in need of smelling good on the go. 


     Kiss dehydration goodbye with this gloss that every girl needs and every lip loves. Our coconut oil lip balm preps your pout and leaves lips with a sassy shine for a long, long time. 


     Give your cheeks an instant touch up with these Albeit cheek sticks. With various color options, it is easy to find a flush that flatters your face when you're in a rush. 


     Treat your face to an afternoon pick-me-up with the Coconut Rose Toner.  Keep one in your desk, purse, or car for a quick spritz of hydration heaven. 


     After a long weekend, this brightening mask is perfect for Monday morning. Packed with essential oils, this single use face mask will brighten your skin AND the start of your week. 


     Under-eye rescuer, makeup remover, and lip soother, your favorite multitasker is now mini! Lighten up your on-the-go hydration game - we wouldn’t want you to be caught dehydrated. 



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