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Bring The Beach Inside

Bring The Beach Inside

How do you deal with vacation withdrawals? We find them to be SO REAL and so hard to shake. It doesn’t matter where you go, how long you stay, or however many umbrella-garnished drinks you gulp down; there’s just no denying the dread that starts to creep in at the close of a great getaway. For a second there you might consider never boarding your return flight home at all (we know we have). While making the transition from beach bum to beach bummed is never easy, we’ve found one way to ease the pain. You may not be able to stay on vacay forever, but you can bring that beach vibe inside by enhancing your home with tropical houseplants.

Hear us out: people go on vacation because they want to relieve stress and lift their moods, right? Well, studies have shown that indoor plants can do all of that and then some. In addition to providing lush foliage to feast your eyes on year-round, filling your home with flowers and fronds purifies the air. Plants do this by putting out oxygen, increasing humidity levels, and removing toxins. Kinda makes us rethink all those pricey plane tickets… 

Black thumb, you say? Don’t sweat it. Most houseplants are native to tropical or subtropical areas where conditions stay for the most part, consistently warm (ranging from about 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit). And because most homes are kept close to those temps anyway, it makes keeping tropical houseplants alive relatively easy. But just to be sure, we’ve found a few that are (almost) foolproof when it comes to care.



They’re related to pineapples! While that’d be enough of a selling point for us, potted bromeliads also boast bright flowers and don’t require a whole lot of work. Water them when the soil is nearly dry, and mist the leaves at least twice a month. Give ‘em ample sunlight and some space (they require good air circulation), and enjoy those big, beautiful blossoms.


It’s been said that pothos vines are impossible to kill. With a high tolerance for neglect, and the ability to live in low-light conditions, pothos is the perfect plant for the not-so-green-thumbed. Water thoroughly, and allow the soil to dry between watering. These look especially cool in hanging planters or cascading down from high ledges.


Talk about Insta-worthy. Orchids are known for their fragrant, exotic-looking flowers, but what many people don’t know is how little care they need once all their basic needs are met. They need bright, indirect light and cooler temps at night in order to bloom their best. Water them using two to three ice cubes per week, which allow for moisture to be released slowly and evenly into the soil.

Split-Leaf Philodendron

Unofficially called the ‘Swiss cheese plant.’ Silly names aside, split-leaf philodendrons produce gigantic, glossy leaves that add instant drama to whatever room they’re in. Keep them in indirect sunlight with plenty of space for those large leaves to grow. Water them every one to two weeks, and fertilize during the growing season (February to October).

Lady Palm

We’re huge fans (pardon the pun) of lady palms. With broad, fanned-out leaves, lady palms feel totally tropical. They can get pretty big, but when confined to a small container will stay relatively small. She’s most comfortable in indirect sunlight and should be watered whenever the top inch of soil dries out.

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