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A Case For Putting Coconut Oil In Your Coffee

A Case For Putting Coconut Oil In Your Coffee

 Water might be essential to life, and good wine can make a meal. But when it comes to an elixir that energizes and generally makes us perkier, more productive people, only coffee can claim that title. And if you’re anything like us, your first foray into the stuff likely started off innocent—a fondness for caramel Frappuccinos, perhaps. Then came a liking to lattes, and before you knew it you had a serious affinity (and at times, a NEED) for extra espresso shots. We’ve all been there. However on most days, we relegate our caffeine consumption to a plain old cup of joe. Nothing fancy, just enough fuel to get us out of that initial morning fog.

More recently though, we’ve been kicking our coffee up a notch. After catching wind that some of our favorite health food bloggers were blending coconut oil (!!!) into their morning cuppa joe, we knew we had to give the concoction a try. We already eat it, cook with it, slather it, swish it and scrub ourselves with the stuff. It was only a matter of time until we started sipping it, too. And while we can understand that not everyone is as coco-nuts about coconut oil as we are, we can earnestly say that this is one food trend worth trying. We’ve said sayonara to sugar, kissed coffee creamer goodbye, and fully converted ourselves to devout coconut oil coffee drinkers. Still not convinced? Well then keep reading, because we’re making a serious case for putting coconut oil in your coffee.

Do Without Dairy
As we mentioned above, coconut oil in coffee makes for a surprisingly effective dairy substitute. So much so that the first time we tried it, we could hardly believe how creamy the coffee came out to be. To achieve this latte-like effect, blend cold coconut oil into hot coffee using a blender. The warmth of the coffee will emulsify the coconut oil, and the blender will introduce just enough air, whipping the two into perfectly frothy fuel.

Blending Coffee


Sweeten Sans Sugar
Some might assume that the addition of coconut oil would make coffee intensely coconutty, but we find that the flavor is more subtle. There’s a hint of added sweetness that’s just enough. We love it just like that, but if you want to add a little more to the flavor profile a sprinkle of cinnamon or a drop of vanilla extract will do just that.

Get Full On Good Fats
The good fats that coconut oil is filled with aren’t only good for your hair and skin. A little coconut oil in your coffee each day helps to ensure that you’re consuming enough of these good fats, which help to increase your body’s metabolism.

Curb Cravings
Coconut oil is calorically dense. Coffee is not. We strongly caution against attempting to power through the day on only coffee, but starting the day with a coconut oil coffee and some form of carbohydrate, like toast or oatmeal, will keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Stave Off Energy Slumps
Coconut oil is one of the best sources of medium-chain fatty acids you can find. Unlike other fats that get stored in the body, the fats in coconut oil get sent straight to your liver to be used as energy. And unlike carbohydrates, coconut oil won’t produce an insulin spike in your bloodstream, saving you from energy slumps.

Coconut Oil Coffee Ingredients

1 cup of coffee
1 tablespoon of coconut oil
Cinnamon, vanilla extract, or mint (if preferred for additional flavor)
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