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The True Mother of All Multitaskers

The True Mother of All Multitaskers

     As women, we are all born multitaskers. Whether it’s prepping food in the kitchen, getting kids ready for school, strategizing a business plan, trying to find a couple minutes for some necessary ‘me’ time, or all of these at once, we can’t help but find ourselves being pulled in a million different directions. The truth is, there is no better multitasker than a mom.

     As an expectant mother myself, I’m learning every day about what it means to multitask like a mother. Even as early as my first trimester, I remember feeling tired and sick almost daily. But because I hadn’t told anyone I was pregnant yet, I was still diving right into work. The physical exhaustion that comes with pregnancy is very real, and I learned fast that in order not to burn out completely, I had to find balance. For me, that means savoring my down time and doing plenty of prenatal yoga when I’m not traveling for work. Between running a business, planning for my daughter’s arrival, spending quality time with my significant other and taking time for myself, I’m quickly finding out that all those years our moms were only making it look easy. Multitasking like a mom is a serious feat, and it’s become my personal motto, spilling over into all facets of my life, from personal, to work, and all that we do here at Kopari—cue our Mother of all Multitaskers, Coconut Melt!

     From the beginning, I knew our Coconut Melt would be a product with multiple uses. What I didn’t know then was just how big of an impact a product that “does it all” would have on my life, especially as a mom-to-be. I’ve always been a big proponent of coconut oil, but at this stage in my pregnancy, it’s basically a necessity. I keep our newly launched Coconut Mini Melt in my bag at all times and have made it a daily ritual to slather lots of Melt on my belly to prevent stretch marks and rejuvenate my skin. When I’m feeling in need of some ‘me’ time I’ll scoop Coconut Melt into a hot bath and soak, or use it as an overnight hair mask. My doctor has even recommended that I keep coconut oil on hand for when my baby arrives, as it’s one of the most natural, safe moisturizers for sensitive baby skin!

      And while all these things have done wonders throughout the course of my own pregnancy, I also know and understand that every woman’s motherhood experience is different. I can only speak to what has worked for me, and hope that some part of it might work for you too! Despite any differences, I think we can all agree that nobody multitasks like a mom—and that is something we should all be celebrating this Mother’s Day!


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