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Plants Are Our Fronds

Plants Are Our Fronds

     Here at Kopari we are firm believers that every little bit counts, especially when it comes to preserving our planet. While we’re well aware that we alone can’t patch the ozone, clean our oceans and plant ALL the trees, we also know that to make any sort of impact everyone needs to play their part; taking a laissez-faire approach to protecting the planet just isn’t going to cut it.

     It’s why we as a company rely on solar energy to power our lab, and insist on sourcing our coconut oil from sustainable farms. It’s why we’re obsessed with making environmentally friendly products, like a scrub made with crushed Tahitian coconut shells instead of microbeads. It’s also why we’re so passionate about a day like Earth Day, which is coming up on April 22nd.

     Although Earth Day may not be considered a holiday in the traditional sense, that won’t stop us from celebrating. Come April 22nd you’ll find us cutting down our carbon footprints by carpooling, taking shorter showers, and reaching for reusable water bottles. We’re also dedicated to reducing waste by repurposing our Coconut Melt jars instead of throwing them away. Today we’re sharing an eco-friendly DIY that’s perfect for giving your empty Coconut Melt jars a second life.

One small succulent per jar
Empty Coconut Melt jar(s)
Cactus soil mix
Small rocks or gravel for drainage
Decorative rocks, sand or crystals to cover soil (optional)

  1. Start by cleaning out your Coconut Melt jar with very hot water and a small amount of dish soap if necessary, then allowing to dry completely.
  2. Fill 1/4 of the jar with small rocks or gravel, creating a drainage layer.
  3. Layer cactus soil on top of the drainage layer, about 1/2-3/4 of the way up the jar.
  4. Place succulent in jar, making sure the roots are firmly inserted into the soil. Add additional soil around the base of the succulent if necessary.
  5. Cover soil with decorative rocks, sand or crystals, if desired.
  6. Water succulent once a week, just enough to soak the soil.


     Keep your sustainable succulent on your coffee table, desk or night stand as a year-round reminder to reduce waste and find a second use for things whenever possible!

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