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Hi Kopari Beauties!

Hi Kopari Beauties!

Kiana here, Co-Founder at Kopari Beauty. I am so excited to talk to you about something I’ve been using in my bedroom for years! Growing up in Hawaii, coconuts were a staple of the culture and an ingredient that drives my passion for creating clean products in your everyday life. I would cook with it, drink it and slather it all over my body, and I mean all over ;)  That’s why we created Love Melt, our NEW personal lubricant that melts on touch. At Kopari, we’re committed to keeping your self-care clean from your head to your toes (and everywhere in between). 


Personally, I’ve always loved the glide that coconut oil provides as a lubricant and preferred it to any other alternative lubricants I’ve ever used. Not to mention it’s pure, simple and only contains limited clean ingredients that don't irritate your body's natural flora. Whether you “need” a lubricant or not, Love Melt enhances any intimate experience and makes it more fun!  With its classic silky texture (that melts on touch), coconut oil is never sticky and provides antibacterial properties. We have also enhanced our Love Melt formula with aloe, chamomile, and vanilla to make for the ultimate coconut love affair!

I’m a firm believer that promoting safe sex includes safety from the nasty chemicals in the products we use. Due to the nature of oil-based lubricants, which can cause latex condoms to break down, we advise non-latex condoms, for those who seek protection. 

Overall, our mission at Kopari is to provide clean, effective, coconut based products. With the launch of Love Melt into our personal care category,  we are proud and excited to be a part of a safe and inclusive sexual health conversation and keep natural beauty easy. So go ahead, squeeze it out, rub it all over, and make your Love Melt. 

With Love, 

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