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The Coconut Comparison

The Coconut Comparison

     Think all coconut oil is created equal? Not quite! One of the most frequently asked questions we get is about the difference between Kopari’s Coconut Melt and the stuff found on grocery store shelves. In fact, we’ve come so accustomed to the question that we’ve gotten in the habit of doing a comparison at our in-person events. Even just seeing the products side by side kinda shocks people. On the one hand, there’s Kopari Coconut Melt; irresistibly fragrant, creamy, and cloud white. As for the kitchen coconut oil? It can be a total wild card when it comes to color, scent, and consistency—grainy, chunky coconut oil? Not really our jam. Appearances aside, there are plenty of other reasons why the grocery store stuff doesn’t hold a candle to Kopari Coconut Melt. Here’s why.

We’re The First

     Kopari Coconut Melt is the first coconut oil created solely for beauty and skincare use, whereas grocery store grade is made for consumption. We’ve put a ton of time into researching, testing and creating a product that moisturizes and absorbs like no other.

Location, Location, Location

     The old real estate agent’s adage applies to coconuts, too—who knew? Where and how coconuts are grown affect the quality of the oil, and factors like climate, soil and region play a huge role in the end result. We searched high and low for our small, family farms in the Philippines from where our coconuts are sourced.

Production For The Coconut Purist

     Coconut Melt is made via a straining process using activated charcoal to remove any heavy metals that are often naturally found in soil, in order to better complement all the natural ingredients in our products. Even our facilities have been handpicked so that the product never interacts with metals that could compromise its chemical composition.

Sustainably Sourced

     When we sought to make the most premium coconut oil products for hair and skin, we knew that we didn’t simply want them to BE good, but to DO good as well. We’re proud to say we’re part of a movement launched by Cargill, GIZ and BASF that works to improve the livelihoods of farmers. As a result, over 2,500 farmers have seen an improvement in their living conditions and region.

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