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Meet Kristin Bell's Makeup Artist

Meet Kristin Bell's Makeup Artist

     It’s not every day you get to talk shop with an Emmy-nominated makeup artist whose brushes have graced the faces of celebs like Kristen Bell and Megan Fox…but that’s exactly what happened when we met Simone Siegl.

     When it comes to fresh-faced beauty, she’s got it on lock. Think dewy skin, perfectly placed highlight and soft-yet-smoldering eyes—all the stuff we’re big fans of. You can only imagine our excitement when we learned that Siegl happens to be a fan of ours as well! In her own words, she “love[s] coconut for anything in my life” (our kinda girl!), so using Kopari products in both her personal and work life was a bit of a no-brainer.

     Here, Siegl spills some of her best-kept secrets, the Kopari product she uses most on the red carpet, and the upcoming beauty trends she’s excited about!

Can you tell us a little about how you got started in the industry?
     I was born and raised in Germany. Makeup and products were always a fascination to me ever since I was a little kid. I started painting all my friends' faces at a very young age, and got into my mother’s products. I always knew I wanted to do something beauty related. I moved to LA in 1997 and have lived here ever since doing makeup.I went to Joe Blasco makeup effects school in Los Feliz, as I wanted to learn everything that I could possibly learn.

Who are your main clients?
     I have worked on numerous movies including Will Ferrel comedies, and was also nominated for two Emmys in 2001 and 2002 for an HBO show called Carnival. I met amazing people working in the industry, and kept relationships from there. Kristen Bell was one of them, and she has been my main client for over 10 years.

Do you have a go-to red carpet makeup look? Or how do you decide what look you will be doing on each client?
     Creating a look for a red carpet is a team effort. I first like to see the dress that my client will wear, and then I come up with ideas for makeup, which I then share with my team.

So we keep hearing 2017 is all about the dewy, fresh makeup look, can you give us a couple tips on how to achieve this?
     I’m a big fan of dewy skin, and am super excited it’s back for 2017, even though I always tend to keep it alive in my world. Using any illuminating products mixed with foundation, as well as face oils are the key to get your skin to look fresh. No need for a lot powders. I prefer just a little on t-zone. You can also use shimmery powders, and brush on certain areas on your face and body to achieve a dewy look.

You have access to any product you want. What drew you to Kopari and what do you like about it?
     I have great relationships with a ton of beauty companies I love using on my clients, and am lucky that most likely I get a nice selection sent to me. When I saw Kopari on Instagram, I got so excited! I love coconut for anything in my life, including eating it. It looked so delicious to me, that I had to reach out. Coconut reminds me of vacation, and if I can add some of that to my work, what could be more exciting! I also like that Kopari is all natural, which a lot of people are trying to be more considerate of these days. I can’t get enough!  It makes your skin so soft without feeling greasy, and having the overpowering perfume scent in lotions. 

You’ve tried most of our products, do you have a favorite?
     I’m obsessed with the Coconut Melt, Body Milk and Lip Love. OMG that is pure heaven! The products are easy to mix with body makeup as well, which helps if you need a little of that at times.

Do you use any Kopari products to assist in your red carpet look?
     I love using a couple drops of Kopari Sheer Oil in my foundation. It will give you a natural healthy sheen. Also, a little body makeup mixed with the Coconut Melt is a beautiful combo. Your skin will get a little coverage with a nice natural sheen to it.

For more fresh-faced beauty inspo, make sure to follow Simone on Instagram where she shares her latest looks from the red carpet!
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