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Get to Know The ALOHA Girls

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Have you ever wondered who is responsible for creating our ridiculously adorable Aloha Beauty Bag? We decided to get together with our friends Rachael and Heather, founders of Aloha Collection for some girl-to-girl Q&A inspo. 

What inspired you to launch ALOHA?

The short answer is a need for a lightweight bikini bag.  I was a flight attendant, and would end up at the beach or in the hotel pool on my layovers.  I searched the world for something cute and functional to pack my damp bikini and couldn't find anything.  
Heather was my roommate at the time, and I would come home from trips and show her my latest "ideas" trying to convince her to be my business partner.  It wasn't until the bikini bag idea that Heather finally jumped onboard.

When Rachael pitched the bikini bag idea to me I thought " What if it didn’t have to stop there?". I imagined the bags in different sizes, prints, and colors and realized how versatile we could make this product .
You could use it for a wet bikini, workout/yoga clothes, makeup, toiletries, suitcase organization, kids stuff....the opportunities were limitless.

What's been your favorite part of this journey so far?

The most rewarding part is seeing people love our products and use them! We also get to work and travel with our friends and make our own schedule. Not only that, we are creating something together and watching it grow.  It gives us a feeling of anything is possible.  ALOHA Collection is a dream come true, and if we can do it, so can you.  

So two best friends start a business, what's it like working with your bestie? :)

Exciting!  We get to dream together and bounce ideas off of each other.  Heather makes me dream bigger.  The journey wouldn't be as satisfying if it was just me.  It's not all ups, but we've both become better people.  If we don't agree, we have to work it out.  We are lucky because we have a mutual respect for each other and trust each other's judgment.

(I agree)

What’s one tip you'd give any girl dreaming of starting her own company?

Know what you are good at and partner up with someone with opposite skills.  If you are the idea person, get a business person to be your partner.  Genuinely provide value for your customer, and you can't go wrong.

JUST DO IT ! Make a game plan and follow it through . Don't get too caught up on the details because you'll only hold yourself back. Believe in yourself and know that anything can happen but the first step is to begin.  

Anything else you'd like to share?

The only thing that stops you is your own belief in what you think is possible. Get out of your way, and hustle. Start today.

Aloha Collection Girls
We love this dynamic duo & their bags - we know you will too! 

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