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Intro to Keri Parker

Intro to Keri Parker

To all of you coconut crazed Kopari enthusiasts: get ready to take your love to the next level…Hi! I’m Keri Parker, part of the Kopari crew you haven’t officially met. I know you beach babes, vacation vibers and organic optimists love your Kopari multi-taskers, but do you know why you should? That’s where I come in.

As an experienced esthetician, a beauty editor and on-air beauty expert and entering my 20th (gasp!) year in the beauty industry I know good products when I see them. When I was writing a feature on California’s up & coming beauty brands, I discovered Kopari right in my own backyard of Sunny San Diego. Determined to unlock the secrets behind the coconut craze, I met with the Kopari founders during their development stages. My connection to the brand, its story and team was instant. I knew the appeal was much deeper than its beach chic lifestyle and encouraged a more clinical approach to the benefits of this caliber of coconut oil. That is where my Kopari journey began…

I hope you will follow me as I spread the coconut love to estheticians, beauty editors and bloggers, savvy viewers of talk shows and soon the viewers of QVC! I will be bringing you tips, industry insider info and skincare lessons on why Kopari really is “Beauty in a Nutshell.”

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