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A Little Compliment Goes a Long Way

A Little Compliment Goes a Long Way

A little compliment goes a long way, so why do we have such a hard time taking them? Instead of a polite “thank you,” us ladies are always dodging praise with the classic “Oh stop!” or “You’re crazy!” What’s that about? It’s time to hone in on your confidence and accept those compliments… you deserve them!

Cocky and confident are not the same thing

There is a huge difference between being cocky and being confident. Cockiness is often derived from insecurities or a false sense of entitlement, where confidence is a reflection of your sense of self.

Your ability to recognize your own hard work and positive attributes is a good thing. Like they say, if you’ve got it -- rock it!

Give and take

Compliments make people happy, so throw them out like confetti! By always looking for the good in others, you’ll keep optimism and positivity at the top of your mind. Giving compliments and praise also helps strengthen relationships between people and friends. It shows that you’re genuinely invested and want to empower them to feel good about themselves. When accepting a compliment, recognize that it stems from a genuine place and be gracious in your response! It will keep the cycle of positivity going strong.

Embrace your natural beauty

Looking your best and feeling your best often go hand in hand. That’s why it’s important to use products with good-for-you ingredients that are just as safe as they are effective, so your natural beauty shines from the inside out. So go ahead. Ditch the foundation. Embrace your natural, healthy-looking complexion. Take the compliment (mean it). And empower others to do the same.

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