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Terms & Conditions

When joining the Kopari Crush program we ask that you register on our influencer management platform called Brandchamp. The platform will act as the primary tool for growing brand awareness in the way of “challenges” for you to complete. In most cases, these will be social media based.  The various challenges will be defined and listed for you to see when you log-in to your account. From there, you will be able to pick and choose what you want to do on a weekly and monthly basis.  

For every challenge completed there is verification required, usually through attaching a link to the specific post in Brandchamp. Once you complete this step, it will be reviewed by the Kopari team for acceptance.

The following rewards and responsibilities are valid for as long as you remain in the Kopari Crush program. Kopari reserves the right to dismiss you from the program if activity is not maintained.  Crush members may also choose to end their involvement at any time by emailing

Program Rewards:

  • Free product to be chosen and gifted by the Kopari team on a regular basis
  • Features in Kopari social media (imagery share, photo credit, FB live stream, IG stories, etc)
  • Invitations to select national events and pop-ups
  • Invitations to Kopari HQ media events
  • Opportunities to win free trips for top performance
  • Giveaway product to gift to your own communities

Program Responsibilities:

  • While there is no specific commitment to posting, it does impact the likelihood of being sent free product and being featured, shared, or tagged on social media
  • Register on the "Brandchamp" influencer platform and create a full profile
  • Use the platform to receive direction on social media content that Kopari would like created (topics, timing, specific hashtags, etc)
  • Social media posts will be tracked by the platform and all completed posts will be awarded points through the platform
  • The points accumulated from posting will be used as a key metric to determine several premier contests throughout the year, such as all expenses paid trips to Kopari media events
  • Photo rights are given to Kopari when Kopari is mentioned or included