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Workouts We Promise You Won't Dread

Workouts We Promise You Won't Dread

     If you’re anything like us, getting a workout in often gets pushed to the end of your daily to-dos. It just seems there are almost never enough hours in the day to kill it in your career, socialize with friends and family, AND get a sweat in. And if all that weren’t enough, summer is right around the corner, which means the list of excuses is about the get even longer—“It’s too nice to be stuck indoors at the gym!” is the one we find ourselves using the most when it’s 80 degrees out and sunny.

     Well, the excuses stop here. We’ve come to realize that work, busy social schedules and everything else we’ve got going on won’t be slowing anytime soon. So rather than make sacrifices in other areas of our life, we’ve decided to get creative with our workouts and take a “two birds, one stone” approach. Here are seven ways to get a workout in every day this week, without even realizing. 

Shop While You Sweat

     Did you know that stores like lululemon and Lorna Jane offer free workout classes? It’s true! Next time you’re at the mall, head into the store and ask what workouts they’re offering that week. We’ve seen everything from run clubs, to circuit training, to in-store yoga classes, and they’re all awesome.

Hike and Hang

     Find a friend, then find a trail and get to talking. Hiking is the perfect physical activity for doing in a pair; you’re free to make it as strenuous and long as you like, and unlike other workouts (like a yoga class, for example), talking up a storm is totally welcome. On top of that, it’s a great opportunity to get outdoors.

The One Way Run

     If you aren’t a seasoned runner, getting started can seem really intimidated. Rather than looking for elaborate running routes, we love the idea of literally running an errand. Next time you’ve got to go to the grocery store for lemons, lace up your sneakers and try a one way run—run the way there, then walk the way back.

Do A Little Dance

     It’s no secret that dancing can be an amazing workout—ballerina bods are just one prime example—but unless you’re signed up at a studio, dance workouts can be hard to come by. Or at least that’s what we used to think. YouTube is full of dance routines developed specifically with cardio in mind. Simply search “dance workout”, blast the music and bust a move.

Walkie, Talkie, Coffee

     Grabbing coffee with a friend is a great way to get in a bit of socializing, but it can also present an opportunity to break a sweat. Instead of sitting around at the coffee shop, stroll to and from with to-go coffees in hand. 

Take A Break

     Studies show that your brain can only focus for 90 to 120 minutes before it needs a break. Next time you’re studying or powering through your email inbox, try working in intervals of 90 minutes. Then take 15-20 minutes to give yourself a mental and physical break. Do sets of dips on your office chair or hit the stairwell for some IRL Stairmaster action.

Get Into Intramurals

     Consider intramural sports a social way to sweat. Whether you consider yourself an athlete or not is beside the point; intramural teams are comprised of people of all skill levels, and everyone is there for the same reasons—to meet new people, get active and just enjoy themselves.

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