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Share your love of Kopari with your Beau

Share your love of Kopari with your Beau

Our friends at Rhone provided a guide to sharing your favorite Kopari beauty products with your anti-beauty-products guy. It’s all about warming him up to the benefits. 

If you love your Sundaze Mineral Face Sunscreen for a day in the sun, you need to get him in on safety from harsh rays.

Whether it’s a weekend at the beach or an afternoon at the pool, you need sun protection. But you already know that! Now it’s time to get Mr. Invincible on board (and not just to surf!). While he may protest his need for ‘greasy’ products that might hinder his tan, you have a few tricks up your sleeve. 

The Sundaze Mineral Face Sunscreen eliminates the greasy feeling while providing the same sun protection. While other brands would have you lather up in harsh chemicals, Kopari eliminates those harsh chemicals while hydrating and protecting against other environmental aggressors. Now he has no excuse to turn down your all-in-one sunscreen. His face needs as much sun protection as yours does, even if he wants to be stubborn about sunscreen.

More argument-free ways to up his sun protection include getting him a slick pair of sunglasses, a comfortable hat, or even better, an umbrella set up to nap under. He’ll have no choice but to get a little more shade than he planned on. 

If you love the Coconut Detox Mask for a girls night in and another watching of, “The Notebook”, get your guy in on the relaxation. You might have to switch from your go-to rom-com  to something more ‘guy’ comedy like “Hot Rod” or an action-filled Marvel classic, but it’s worth it for a cozy night together! Dress down in your favorite pajamas, get him the comfiest jogger pants, and pile on the snacks. When he realizes how nice it is to lay back, it’ll be easier to coax him into a pore detox, especially if you tell him it’ll help his skin in the long run (which might even prolong his tan!).

If you love the Coconut Deo for your workouts and everyday life, then you’ll want your man to know the true power of living odor-free! To get him started in the anti-stink world, dress him in Rhone’s Reign Short Sleeve, complete with Goldfusion to contain and reduce odor.

Your deodorant is ready for your every day but really comes in handy for that nerve-wracking presentation or early morning workout. And Rhone understands that sweat isn’t just for the gym. Their anti-stink shirts have athletic stretch and a breathable feel while being designed to look office professional. So your guy can benefit from the power of anti-stink clothing at his desk, on date night, and at the gym! Afterall, deodorant is not the only way to fight stink, and it doesn’t have to be. 

For extra results pair the two together! When he realizes how much better he smells in his Rhone shirt, he’ll be begging you for all the anti-stink secrets you’re holding, and Coconut Deo is your next move.


If you are an overall Kopari lover, you know the level of quality and performance Kopari products give. Don’t let your dude miss out on a brand that gives him the same benefits! Rhone provides great everyday gear that transitions seamlessly to any active venture. With the same focus on quality and performance, Kopari and Rhone are two peas in a pod. Helping you and your beau look and feel your best to make the unstoppable dream team!

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