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Revolve Launches Kopari

Revolve Launches Kopari

     This past weekend, Revolve celebrated the launch of their online beauty shop at the Revolve Social Club in Los Angeles, CA. For a lot of us at Kopari, we have all been die hard Revolve lovers for some time, which is why we are so honored to be one of the select brands they chose to launch with. As if Kopari being included in their launch wasn’t exciting enough - they invited Aja and me to attend their launch party. To say we jumped at this opportunity may be a slight understatement. The early Saturday morning wake up call didn’t even phase us... We grabbed our (basic) skinny vanilla lattes and jumped in the car for a quick road trip to LA.

     As we walked through the doors, we were immediately surrounded by the best-dressed and best-looking women in town. Revolve greeted us with adorable bags filled with newly launched beauty goodies. The Social Club was filled with booths of our favorite beauty brands like Ouai hair care and NCLA nail shop, where guests were getting their hair and nails done. After getting our glam on, we sipped on champs and posed in the Revolve photo booth, probably about 50 times (haha). Then we made our way downstairs, where industry experts took the spotlight and talked about the hottest new trends while demoing their how-to beauty secrets. Rocky Barnes (@rocky_barnes) taught us how to do her infamous beachy hair wave in under 10 minutes and Amy Pham (@iamamypham) worked her magic with the 'cubicle to club' look - because let's face it, we all need a little help when it comes to transforming from work to werk! ;)

Amy Pham

     We especially fell in love with Teni Panosian (@tenipanosian) and her ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Tutorial for people who want a more natural and fresh look. This is a beauty trend that Kopari has embraced from Day 1. It’s a look that really highlights and appreciates natural beauty, which will always be in style. Aja and I began talking about how perfectly our Coconut Sheer Oil compliments this upcoming beauty trend.

     Our Coconut Sheer Oil is light on the skin, which allows your face to breathe and your natural beauty to shine through. It is a facial moisturizer that soaks in easy, helping your makeup glide right on and effortlessly blend in making it the perfect product when starting your no makeup look. Even better, this lightweight beauty has properties and ingredients that leave your skin feeling fresh, bright and silky-soft, so you never have to worry about touching up throughout the day.

     It was so fun getting to talk to people who love Kopari and introducing them to our latest product that is set to launch in early 2017. We had the best time learning about the upcoming 2017 trends from some of the greatest beauty gurus. We are so excited that you can now find our Coconut Sheer Oil and the six other Kopari products on Be sure to check out their other newly launched must-have beauty brands that your face will love!     

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