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Let’s Talk KP – by Krupa Koestline

Let’s Talk KP – by Krupa Koestline

Let’s Talk KP – by Krupa Koestline


What is KP

KP or Keratosis Pilaris is a common skin condition, due to the overproduction of a protein called keratin. It is characterized by small bumps that may have surrounding redness and inflammation. Although the condition is harmless, it can make the skin resemble and feel like “chicken skin” which can be uncomfortable for many. The most common affected areas are the upper arms, upper legs and butt. It may also occur on the face and lower legs.The condition tends to remain unchanged or improve with age. Although the exact cause of KP remains undetermined, many doctors believe there may be a hormonal influence leading to an overproduction of keratin. 

Keratosis pilaris - NHS

How to Treat KP

The best way to address KP is with exfoliation. There are 2 types of exfoliation:


Chemical exfoliation with alpha hydroxy acids can be extremely beneficial as it helps breakdown proteins that hold dead skin cell bumps together and relieves KP symptoms. Several clinical studies have shown how chemical exfoliants can help reduce the size of KP bumps. 


Physical exfoliation using textured, grainy particles works by removing the surface cells from the upper most layer of the skin. It is perfect for treating the congested pores that lead to KP. It can also help normalize the cell turnover cycle, which can help improve the skin condition. 


The combination of chemical and physical exfoliation is therefore the best treatment for a condition like Keratosis Pilaris, where gentle but heavy exfoliation is recommended. 


What Makes Kopari’s KP Body Bumps Be Gone a Great Option for KP?

Kopari’s new KP Body Bumps Be Gone Scrub formula combines 10% alpha hydroxy acids with physical exfoliants like coconut shell powder and volcanic sand. It is also a pH balanced formula that uses gentle, all-natural surfactants that are not harsh on the skin. Thoughtfully crafted, with soothing extracts like oat and green tea, this Body Scrub is a must-try for anyone struggling with KP or otherwise. 



After just 30 days of use, 92% of users reported smoother, firmer skin that does not feel stripped.


Here are some major before and after pictures that show you just how effective the formula is: 



I personally love that this product is: 

-       Fragrance Free

-       Gluten and Soy Free

-       pH balanced

-       No harsh detergents

-       No alkoxylated ingredients 

-       A gentle, yet effective formula that works just as great for sensitive skin types

-       Meets the industry’s Clean Beauty Standards (including Sephora and Ulta among others)


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