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Oil On My Face, Are You Kidding Me???

Oil On My Face, Are You Kidding Me???

Oil on my face? WHAT!!

We get it, when it comes to your face, the goal has always been to minimize every spot of shine and trace of oil at all times. But gravitating towards products just because they say they are oil-free is now a thing of the past. Oil doesn’t have to be your skin’s ultimate nemesis. Especially not coconut oil. Coconut oil is a friend with many benefits. Loaded with fatty-acids, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory goodness, it protects and repairs skin, resists moisture loss, and provides anti-aging benefits.

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Here are 3 reasons you should be using Coconut Sheer Oil on your face. NOW.

  1. Our Sheer Oil is jam-packed with so much goodness!

Coconut oil has natural properties that are antibacterial, antifungal, and deeply moisturizing. Our Sheer Oil contains a bunch of all natural ingredients to maximize and enhance the benefits of coconut oil. One being Shea Tris, which favors the face by slowing collagen breakdown, reducing damage from UV exposure, and perking up skin to its former firmer self! The combination of all ingredients work wonders to help restore, soothe, and protect your skin. Sounds irresistible doesn’t it?!

  1. You dig a solid multi-tasker.

Makeup remover (even on the most stubborn eye makeup)? Check. Lightweight facial moisturizer? Check. Under eye treatment? Check! Our Coconut Sheer Oil works double overtime to truly be your one and only.

  1. You’re going for the glow.

Healthy, glowing skin is always in. Much like the way our body needs healthy fatty acids, so does our skin. The fatty acids that naturally occur in coconut oil lock in moisture and provide even tone with a subtle glow. Our Sheer Oil also contains Shealight, which speeds up skin absorption so you don’t have to wait to put on your makeup. Unlike other face oils, our Sheer Oil keeps it easy breezy...never greasy.

The truth is that you know your skin better than anyone else. When you use our Sheer Oil on your face, it is important to be mindful and know that a little goes a long way! One drop of the oil sinks into your skin within seconds, rewarding your face with hours of hydration. You will effortlessly shine your brightest with silky smooth skin all day.


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