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Five Ways To Strike Gold This St. Patrick’s Day

Five Ways To Strike Gold This St. Patrick’s Day

     With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner (March 17th, to be exact), we’ve been thinking up ways in which to get in the festive mood without appearing overdone. Head-to-toe green and “Kiss Me I’m Irish” tees? Not quite our look. Finally we realized, our perfect little pot of gold has been right under our noses the entire time. Enter, Coconut Body Glow! Our glimmering, go-to body oil gives just the right amount of golden shimmer, making it ideal for the occasion. If you want to achieve a non-cheesy, low-key look for the upcoming holiday, you’re just in luck. Here are five ways to strike gold this St. Patrick’s Day.

On Eyes
     A few drops of Coconut Body Glow to highlight below the brow bone and at the inner corner of your eyes takes minimal effort but makes a major impact. Take it one step further and go for a bold, glossy lid. Sweep a neutral powder eyeshadow across lids, then pat a drop of Body Glow onto the center of each lid, just above the iris.

On Nose
     For the most part, we leave nose contouring to the pros. Recently though, we were taught a trick that even the most amateur of MUAs like ourselves can master. Using a small eyeshadow brush, swipe a drop of Coconut Body Glow down the center of your nose, starting between the eyes and ending about 2/3 of the way down. Dot the remaining Body Glow on just the tip of your nose (imagine an exclamation point). The result is a perfectly placed highlight that’s impossible to mess up!

Full Face
     Trust us, this isn’t as crazy as it sounds, and the result is insanely gorgeous. After completing your skincare routine and before applying makeup, mix two drops of Coconut Body Glow in with your favorite foundation, then apply as normal. The oil will give your foundation a flawless finish, while the pearlescent minerals provide a lit-from-within glow.

On Lips
     Flaunt fuller looking lips with some strategically placed Coconut Body Glow. After applying a few swipes of Lip Love or your favorite neutral toned lipstick, use a lip brush to line your Cupid’s Bow with a bit of Body Glow. Pump an additional dot of Body Glow onto the pad of your finger, then pat lightly onto the center of both your top and bottom lip.

In Hair
     Skip the silly hair accessories and opt for hair that’s sleek and subtly shimmery. Start by working 1-2 drops of Coconut Body Glow into strands, concentrating more toward the ends. Pull hair back into a low pony or bun, securing with a small elastic. Use an additional drop of Body Glow to smooth down flyaways and to add a bit of glimmer at the crown of your head.

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