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Get The Sheer Summertime Look

Get The Sheer Summertime Look

Summertime Beauty Essential: Coconut Sheer Oil

     Sure, we may still be a few days shy of the *official* start of summer—but here at Kopari HQ, we’ve never been more ready. Don’t get us wrong, we’ve still got mad love for the other three seasons. But we think just about everyone can agree, there’s really nothing like the sun-soaked, beach bound, bikini-clad days of summer. Although there’s so much to love about these next few months, our favorite, hands down, has to be the way beauty takes a turn for the effortless. Think no-heat hairstyles, healthy, glowing skin, and makeup that’s just barely there. The key to achieving it all? Our Coconut Sheer Oil. We’re well aware that it seems redundant to use a product in pursuing an undone look, but if there’s one item to keep in your beauty bag this season it’s this one. Allow us to explain.

Effortless Air Dry
     Ever left your hair to air dry, only to end up with a mane that’s completely unmanageable? Next time, apply a few drops of Coconut Sheer Oil to damp hair. The end result is hair that’s shiny and flyaway-free.
Brushed Up Brows
     Feathery, bushy brows are having a major moment. Achieve the look by swiping a half drop of Coconut Sheer Oil through each brow and brushing up and out with a spoolie.

Natural Nails 
     Give your nails a break from fake this summer, and keep them shiny and nourished by swiping a few drops of Coconut Sheer Oil onto your nail beds and cuticles.
Lightweight Face Lotion
     Heavy creams have no place during humid summer nights. Instead, apply a few drops of Sheer Oil to your face, neck, and décolletage after cleansing and toning skin. HEADS UP: Beginning June 15th, every purchase of Sheer Oil will come with a travel sized Coconut Rose Toner!

Dewy Finish Foundation
     Looking for the perfect sheer coverage foundation? It’s already in your makeup bag! Dilute your favorite full or medium coverage foundation down with a drop or two of Sheer Oil. Mix well, and apply as you normally do.


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