Kopari Clique FAQ

  • What is the Kopari Clique?

    The Kopari Clique is Kopari’s free rewards program that lets you earn points on all your product purchases, social shares and customer referrals and redeem rewards.

  • How do I join the Kopari Clique?

    If you already have an account with our store, you’re already a member and can login using your account credentials. If you do not have an account, simply go to our Kopari Clique page and select “Join The Clique” fill out all of your information and select “Register.”

  • How do I earn Kopari Clique Points?

    There are many ways to earn points! The first is by simply signing up and joining our clique, after that points can be earned by purchasing products, sharing Kopari on Facebook and Twitter, liking us on Facebook and Twitter, following us on Instagram, and referring friends. And bonus, Kopari gives birthday points too!

  • Can I earn Kopari Clique Points if I purchase in retail stores or other sites that carry Kopari?

    At this time you can only redeem points when purchasing from KopariBeauty.com.

  • Can I combine my points from multiple accounts into a single account?

    Yes! If you have more than one Kopari Clique account, please email customer service at aloha@koparibeauty.com or call customer service at 619.359.2799 and we can assist you by combining accounts.

  • How can I check my Kopari Clique points balance?

    You can check your points by clicking on the “Spend Points” button on the Kopari Clique page once you are logged in. Your points balance will also be emailed to you when you earn and spend points.

  • What happens to my points when I return items?

    When items are refunded, your points balance will be deducted the amount.

  • How do I spend my points?

    Once you have enough points, log into your Kopari Clicque account, go to the Kopari Clique page and click the “Spend Points” button. Select the level that is available, and a code will be automatically generated for you and sent to your email to use the next time you purchase. Enter the code in the Discount field in the checkout process to save!

  • I can’t log into my account.

    First test clicking the “Forgot password” link on the login screen. This will reset your password and send you a link to the email you’re registered with. If this does not work, please email customer service at aloha@koparibeauty.com or call customer service at 619.359.2799.

  • I’ve already performed an action that you reward with points (such as: liked you on Facebook / Twitter, shared you on Facebook / Twitter, or followed you on Instagram), but my points aren’t showing up?

    You must like / share / follow us via the modal on the Kopari Clique page in order for the program to automatically track your points. Please email rewards@koparibeauty.com with a screenshot of your action and we will make sure you get the credit! The system may take up to 24 hours after completing an action to populate your points, so sit tight - your points are coming!

  • How do I refer a friend for points?

    To a refer a friend for points, click on the "Refer a Friend" button above. Your referral link will allow your friends to make a purchase while providing you the referral credit and points for their purchase. Share this link with them by clicking the Facebook, Twitter or Email icon below the link, or copy and paste the link into an email to send to your friend.

  • I've entered my birthday, but didn't receive any points.

    You will receive the points on your actual birthday!