Repairing My Moisture Barrier Was The Key to Smooth, Glowy Skin

1. Ceramides = A Strong, Healthy Skin Barrier

Your skin barrier keeps out all the external irritants that cause dryness, texture, and redness to your skin. Ceramides are vital to keep that barrier strong. Kopari's Moisture Whipped Ceramide Cream is not only powered by ceramides, but ceramide precursors that increase your body's natural production of ceramides!

2. It's Clinically Proven To Provide 72 hours Of Hydration

The light-as-air texture provides a hydrated, dewy glow to the skin, which is unique for a ceramide moisturizer, as they're traditionally thicker and heavier. It's so lightweight you can use it morning and night!

3. The Clean Ingredients Are So Unique

Not only is it packed with barrier-repairing ceramides and moisture-retaining hyaluronic acid, but it's also formulated with smoothing vegan desert milk and soothing whipped coconut milk. Your skin will drink it up!

4. The 5-Star Reviews Are Glowing

Everyone is raving about this magical moisturizer! The users boast smoother, more plump, more hydrated skin with restored radiance and glow. Did someone say glass skin goals?!

5. The Cute Packaging Is Totally Recyclable

As if Kopari couldn't get any better, all of their packaging is fully recyclable. So you can just drop your Ceramide Cream in your blue bin at home while you wait for your next shipment!

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