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Do your products contain fragrance?

Our Coconut Melt and Coconut Melt Wipes are 100% organic, virgin coconut oil with no additional fragrances at all. Our Coconut Balm, 'Save Face' Oil, Coconut Face Cream, Coconut Detox Mask, Coconut Lip Scrubby, and Coconut Lip Glossy are infused with natural coconut vanilla extract while our Coconut Rose Toner and Coconut Cleansing Oil are infused with aromatic rose extract.


Our Coconut Body Glow and Gardenia Coconut Deodorant share their coconut gardenia fragrance while our Coconut Crush Scrub, Coconut Body Milk, Coconut Shower Oil, and Original Coconut Deodorant all share a sweet coconut milk fragrance.


Our Beach Coconut Deodorant contains a fresh linen fragrance with hints of citrus and coconut. Our Charcoal Coconut Deodorant has a sandalwood fragrance with warm notes of cedarwood and clove. Then, our Starry Eye Balm is scented with a Bulgarian rose essential oil. All of our products are tested to be hypoallergenic and are formulated to be phthalate-free.

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