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      CBD + Coconut Oil = The Perfect Topical

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      Forces of Nature: Why CBD + Coconut are Nature’s Perfect Pairing

      They just click...That’s the short version of the synergy between coconut oil and CBD; botanical soulmates naturally capable of achieving more together than apart. With its high concentration of fatty-acids, coconut oil serves as both the natural binding agent and ultimate delivery system of topical CBD so your skin can truly maximize its benefits!

      Coconut oil is a superfood known to provide similar benefits to CBD with anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. And Kopari believes in CBD like we do our coconuts—purely and wholeheartedly. That’s the difference between a truly clean beauty company and the ones jumping on and off ingredient wagons. The goal is to create products that are actually better alternatives for you by vetting every ingredient.


      So, why do you need a CBD binding agent?

      In order for a CBD topical product to be absorbed properly, the CBD itself must be paired with a carrier oil, aka binding agent.  Enter our 100% organic and sustainably sourced coconut oil. This plant-based super ingredient is loaded fatty-acids known to quickly improve skin’s moisture levels, lock in serious hydration, and is gentle and soothing for sensitive skin. Alone, the coconut oil already provides superior skin benefits and absorption; hence why it is our hero ingredient used in everything we create at Kopari!  However, when you add our whole-plant powder CBD to the mix, the coconut oil maximizes CBD’s known benefits to soothe, calm, and nurture your skin, making them the ultimate pair.  

      Let’s just say there’s some serious chemistry going on with coconut and CBD. This dynamic duo is built soundly with all the right plant parts. What makes it doubly exceptional is our unique sourcing. Clean, vegan, cruelty-free, natural, organic, sustainable and all the things that make Kopari, well, Kopari. Every brand has its DNA. This is ours. 

      “They’re like ingredient superheroes,” says Kopari Co-founder, Kiana Cabell. “Scientifically, coconut and CBD work in unison so it’s this botanical supercharge. Like Beyonce and Jay-Z in plant form.” 

      “Similar to clean beauty, CBD is not just a movement,” said Kopari Co-founder, Gigi Goldman. “It’s an evolution of wellness helping consumers nourish, soothe and bring relief to their busy lifestyles and routines.“

      It’s also deeply personal. Like all of its ingredients, the Kopari founders pay close attention to the method and craft behind its CBD. 

      “The feel-good aspect behind Kopari is two-fold,” said Goldman. “It starts with our passion for sourcing ingredients, which totally shines through in our final product.”

      cbd deo stacked on recovery balm, next to calm cream

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